Goldchips started 25 years ago as an association of plantain producers that wanted to add value to the plantain produced in the middle zone of Colombia, taking advantage of their unique and extraordinary characteristics with denomination of origin. We start with products such as plantain flour, and then transformed the plantain by freezing it.

Finally, a group of partners decided to found the company Goldchips with the aim of improving efficiency when preparing products for human consumption, at that time they decided to make snacks for Goldchips and other independent companies.


Currently we are an experienced company in the production and marketing of snacks made with plantain and cassava as raw material that we cultivate in the wonderful region of Quindío, Colombia on our own farms, ensuring product traceability.

We are committed to offer our customers high quality natural products, with certification seals. It is important to emphasize that during the process, we also use advanced technology to adjust to the environment and prolong the useful life of our products.


Equity: Social Value

Commitment: Operational Value

Respect: Ethical Value

Honesty: Personal Value

Prosperity: Corporate Value